Turkey's exports of tropical fruits is running a $ 7 million

Published Mar 26, 2021

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Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters Union Chairman Hayrettin aircraft, the general said that Turkey increased by 40 percent over the last three years, exports of tropical fruits. from producing value-added products in the way of branding as agriculture and food in the country, the world's indicating that from producing the requested Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Hayrettin President of the Association of Flight, "Turkey, the importing country in the tropical fruit came to currently 57 different countries and regions exporting country.

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Turkey exports overall tropical fruit 2018 of 4 million 690 thousand dollars, 2019 at 5 million 110 thousand dollars in 2020 reached 6 million 461 thousand dollars. grown in our country, we are increasing more and more our value-added chain by increasing their tropical fruit varieties which are exported. we started with kiwi and avocado this the way the dragon fruit, passion fruit, carambola, papaya, mangosteens, guava, pear, mango, pineapple, coconut, blueberries, we have expanded our product range in the tropical fruit by adding products such as kumquat. Turkey, climate, soil, biodiversity, planned by geographic location, scheduled and well new alternative as much as traditional products by adhering to agricultural practices. It is in a position to reach more markets with its runes and to carry its exports to higher levels. " said. In increasing the diversity of products, tropical fruits, such as value-added products produced in the Agriculture Based Specialized Organized ...
Source: Sondakika
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