Two Chinese fishermen are suspected to have landed on the uninhabited islands of Matsu, and Taiwan's coast guard took them back for investigation

Published Apr 28, 2024

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Two unidentified individuals were found on uninhabited islands and reefs near Gaodeng in Taiwan, leading to an investigation. Your report highlights ongoing issues with cross-border fishing, with claims of nighttime activities and ecological damage by Chinese fishermen in areas around Qinbi Village and Beigan, despite being in prohibited waters. Local residents and the Democratic Progressive Party representative have called for better law enforcement to curb these activities, which also involve the cutting of fishermen's nets and disturbances to the endangered black-billed crested tern during its breeding season. The Lianjiang County Industrial Development Office has pledged to work with the Marine Commission and Coast Guard to address these concerns and ensure compliance with the Wildlife Conservation Act.
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[Epoch Times April 27, 2024] Taiwan Matsu Coast Guard Captain Hong Wenquan said on the 26th that two unidentified people were found on the uninhabited islands and reefs near Gaodeng in the prohibited waters on the 25th. They have been brought back to Nangan Township, Lianjiang County and are currently under investigation. According to a Central News Agency report, a fisherman from Beigan Township, Lianjiang County told a Central News Agency reporter that when he was fishing near the waters of Gaodeng Island where troops were stationed, he found a suspected Chinese fishing boat docked at Gaodeng Island. He took a video with his mobile phone and informed the military and the Coast Guard through the communication software LINE group. A fisherman from Beigan Township said that cross-border fishing "almost It happens every day," and the "footprints" of Chinese fishermen are not only in Gaodeng, Liangdao and the surrounding uninhabited islands and reefs. Suspected Chinese fishermen are ...
Source: Epochtimes
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