UK project aims to grow tasteless pea protein to solve beany off flavour problem

Dried Common Pea
United Kingdom
Published Jun 1, 2023

Tridge summary

A ‘ground-breaking’ £1 million project has been announced in the UK, which aims to both produce peas that are tasteless but retain nutritional value and have a significant impact on reducing the need for UK imports of soya.

Original content

As a ‘complete’ protein, pea is often used in plant-based meat and dairy food and beverage formulation. And unlike soya, it is not a crop associated with deforestation in South America. But pea protein does not taste neutral, with off-flavours often described as ‘bitter’ or ‘earthy’ and other flavours therefore tend to be needed to mask the aftertaste. Now, the ‘Pea Protein’ project is being spearheaded by grass and forage seed specialists and breeders, Germinal. It will collaborate with the John Innes Centre, The Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University and trade body the Processors and Growers Research Organisation. The programme is funded in part by Defra via Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), as part of the Farming Innovation Pathway. According to the project, there is an urgent need to replace soya with UK protein crops; meeting market demand for taste and functionality; and growing a soya protein alternative ...
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