Ukraine, Spain's breadbasket and focus of agricultural protests after two years of war

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Published Feb 24, 2024

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EU farmers, particularly in Spain, are protesting against low incomes and competition from Ukraine, Spain's leading cereal supplier. The Russian invasion two years ago disrupted food supplies and caused prices to surge, but international markets have since adjusted. Despite this, farmers are struggling to make a profit, with barley selling for the same price as straw. They are calling for changes to the conditions proposed by Brussels to maintain the suspension of tariffs on Ukrainian exports. Some sectors, like dairy, have seen better remuneration, but farmers argue that one sector should not be destroyed to help another.
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Ukraine, Spain's leading cereal supplier, maintains its agricultural potential and is at the center of protests by European Union (EU) producers. Today marks two years since the war that caused an unprecedented geopolitical crisis in world food. Two years after the start of the Russian invasion that made inputs and food supplies more expensive and put food supplies at risk, the situation is very different in the EU, where farmers are protesting against low incomes and see Ukraine as a competitor. If that February 24, 2022 highlighted the global dependence on the supply of raw materials from Russia and Ukraine, this week the agricultural representatives of the EU have questioned the advantages of Brussels to the invaded country, even from Spain, with a deficit in cereals and sunflowers. . The reason is in the low prices perceived by producers, which contributes to the panorama that has motivated the tractor-trailers and demonstrations in the primary sector. The first year of war ...
Source: PEefeagro
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