U.S. almond production increases to 1.18 million tons, prices are at historic lows

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Published Nov 22, 2023

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The USDA's "U.S. Fruit and Nut Semi-Annual Outlook Report" predicts a slight increase of 1.5% in California almond production this season, reaching the third-highest record in history. However, almond exports are expected to drop by around 3% to 4% due to historically low prices. Despite lower harvests, almond plantings have continued to increase, resulting in overall production reaching historically high levels.
India is currently the largest export market for California almonds, with exports to India reaching 73,740,978 pounds (33,448 tons) so far this year. However, the United States' market share in China has declined due to retaliatory tariffs, resulting in a 40% decrease in almond exports to mainland China and Hong Kong compared to the previous year.
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The recently released "U.S. Fruit and Nut Semi-Annual Outlook Report" by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) shows that California almond production will increase slightly by 1.5% this season to 1.179 million tons, the third highest production record in history, and exports are expected to drop by about 3%. % to 4%, prices are at historically low levels. Nearly all almond production in the United States is concentrated in California, with the harvest season starting in August and lasting until the end of July. In early 2023, California experienced record rainfall, which made the soil too wet and disturbed the state. increased bee activity. Stormy weather combined with a February cold snap resulted in the lowest harvest observed since 2006. Despite the lower harvest, almond plantings increased for the 28th consecutive year and production is expected to be the largest on record Three highs. From 2022 to 2023, the area of almond orchards bearing fruit will increase by ...
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