Vegetable prices were constantly rising over the past two weeks in Spain and Netherlands

Published Feb 28, 2023

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The vegetable market can feel the uncertainty of the bad weather and other challenges the Spanish and Dutch have had to endure the past weeks. It’s been a wild couple of weeks when it came to the vegetable prices, says Lukasz Jedras, a purchase manager for Polish importer Freshvil: “We’ve noticed that the market has been stabilizing recently, but the last two weeks vegetable prices were constantly rising.

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Almost every day, we would receive a different price from the day before, especially with peppers and tomatoes. However, as said after those turbulent weeks, things seem to have calmed down a bit more now.” These prices are not here to stay and should drop down lower than what is currently seen on the market, says Jedras. “Despite there being a vegetable shortage in Spain and the Netherlands due to bad weather, we still believe that prices were somewhat inflated on the market. As this isn’t sustainable, our expectations are that prices will start to drop and stabilize again any time soon.” As the Spanish and Dutch had issues, Freshvil had to find their tomatoes and peppers elsewhere: “At the moment, we’ve imported tomatoes and peppers from Turkish and Moroccan origin. We’ve marketed this imported produce exclusively to wholesalers and some retailers as well. Next to the vegetable shipments ...
Source: Hortidaily
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