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Walnut sector's first trends for the 2022 harvest in France

Updated Oct 26, 2022
The walnut sector was launched in Loir-et-Cher about ten years ago, with the aim for farmers on the initiative to be able to diversify with a whole new crop.
In this year 2022, the bet seems successful with harvests this year which are generally correct. "As regards our Cuma, the harvest results are very positive with an average of 3 tonnes for the Fernor variety and 1,200 kg for the Franquette", specifies satisfied Damien Venot, President of the Cuma des vergers. The work is done jointly by the six farmers who make up Cuma. "We are all very complementary to each other and we are also used to working together. There is mutual support and good cohesion between us, which means that we managed to finish the harvest on time," explains Damien Venot. Moreover, this year, " we had to ensure that the dryer was filled without stopping in order to save energy because the gas went from 10 cents to 50 cents. You have to be efficient to succeed in saving money," explains the farmer. However, the end of this year's harvest was somewhat hampered by rain. " The first fifteen days of harvest went well with 48 hours of drying, but towards the end and ...
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