Western Europe doesn't price cauliflower like we do

Published Nov 21, 2022

Tridge summary

This year, the supply of cauliflower was scarce for most of the year and the price was high, but the harvesting of the late varieties is changing that. The French and Italian crops can also be said to be good. However, Hungarian producers and consumers face different prices than Western Europe.

Original content

The supply of cauliflower from German production has now sold out in stores, so the consumer price has risen again in recent weeks, from EUR 1.34 to EUR 1.49 per piece (HUF 550-612/piece), reports the German Agricultural Research Institute. At the moment, German producers receive 0.84 euros, i.e. HUF 345, for a piece of cauliflower. However, the Hungarian prices show that only the traders are doing well in the product chain: the producers get less money for the goods, but the consumers leave much more in the shops than in Germany. Domestic farms offer this year's crop in bulk at HUF 200-300 per kilo, while Hungarian customers pay HUF 800-1000 for a single piece of cauliflower in stores. The German news promises consumers that the supply of cauliflower in stores will remain plentiful in the future, as the French harvest is particularly good this year, and the Italian supply is also getting stronger. Producer prices show a gradual decrease, so customers can come across more and more ...
Source: MezoHir
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