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Wheat Pete's Word, Sept 2: more wonky weather, grain in storage, and allelopathy

Grain & Cereals
Environmental Issue
Sep 2, 2020
From Real Ag
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Have a question you’d like Johnson to address or some yield results to send in? Disagree with something he’s said? Leave him a message at 1-844-540-2014, send him a tweet (@wheatpete), or email him at [email protected] SUMMARY It’s been hot! In 2020, there’s been 28 days recorded at Nature Nut Nick’s weather station, at over 30 degrees celsius. Not the record though. It’s an average year in total heat unit accumulation. May was pretty cool, July was well above normal for heat. Is it early to be combining edible beans? Not that early. Meanwhile, rainfall. Owen Sound, 265 mm of rainfall in August. Essex County, heavy clay, another 110 mm rainfall, August total almost 300 mm. Four times the normal monthly amount. Diagnostic Days wheat staging, cover crop oats. So much fun. You can see more of Diagnostic Days here. It was dry at that location! Three tenths of an inch in August. The weather is not equitable! ALERT! Dry bean burn-downs, make sure the product you’re going to use for a ...
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