Australia: Where are smart commercials about milk?

Published Sep 21, 2021

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By not having an exciting, popular ad campaign about milk, you're essentially giving consumers permission to stop thinking about it, Wallace said. As a result, shoppers see milk as cheap and bland. 'While at the same time all kinds of new, interesting alternatives are being made from oats, chia seeds, cashew nuts, rice, almonds and soybeans.' The hype surrounding these drinks has left the Australian dairy industry wondering how to regain consumer loyalty. "What ever happened to the clever marketing campaigns and healthy messages about milk?" writes the Australian site Farmonline. Playful and funny For decades, milk was not only recognized as a great addition to a healthy family diet, the product was also the basis for many playful, funny marketing classics. Many famous people worked on the commercials, such as Bill Clinton, Naomi Cambell, Harrison Ford and Whoopie Goldberg. In America, milk – or rather the fear of running out of milk – even sparked one of the world's most iconic ...
Source: Nieuwe Oogst
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