Which pear variety is most popular in Europe?

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Published Mar 22, 2024

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The Conference variety of pear is the leading type in European pear production, making up 95% of all pear acreage planted in the last 15 years and half of the total annual harvest. It is especially prevalent in northern Europe due to its resilience to drought and pests. While Belgium and the Netherlands have seen a surge in pear production, with the latter now producing more pears than apples, overall pear cultivation in Europe is on the decline, largely due to challenges faced by Italy, the region's main producer.
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95% of all pear acreage planted in Europe over the past 15 years is the Conference variety, and its annual harvest is half the total pear harvest. Such data is provided in the material of the magazine “Gardening in Ukrainian” by Maciej Lipecki, gardener, owner of the Lipecki nursery (Poland). “In Poland, other varieties are now practically unimportant,” he says. – Large industrial gardens are the “Conference” and only that. Although you can also remember “Lukashovka” - a variety that used to be popular in Poland, but now has much less distribution. But it is interesting because it bears fruit well and is winter-hardy.” In the northern zone of Europe - Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland and part of Ukraine - they primarily grow "Conference" because it has almost no problems associated with drought and new pests and diseases. Read also: Ukrainian pears may be in demand on the European market The production of this pear in Belgium and the Netherlands is growing ...
Source: Eastfruit
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