Whole milk production in the CIS countries amounted to 6 539 thousand tons

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Published Sep 17, 2020

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According to a new report by the CIS Statistical Committee, the production of whole milk products in the CIS countries increased by 1% in January-July 2020 to 6,539 thousand tons, analysts from the Dairy Market Research Center (DIA) told The DairyNews.

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In most of the CIS countries, there was also an increase in the production of PMC, a decrease compared to last year was observed only in Uzbekistan (-7%, to 22 thousand tons), Kyrgyzstan (-9%, to 121.8 thousand tons) and Ukraine (-5% , up to 934.9 thousand tons). In the Republic of Belarus, the production of whole milk products increased by 7%, to 1,243 thousand tons, in Azerbaijan by 0.6%, to 526.6 thousand tons, in Armenia by 14%, to 4.4 thousand tons, in Kazakhstan by 2% , up to 505.7 thousand tons, in Tajikistan by 10%, up to 9.6 thousand tons, in Russia (actually only liquid drinking milk is taken into account, Rosstat considers CMP more) production growth was 1%, to 3 135.4 thousand tons. The production of raw milk decreased compared to January-July 2019 in Armenia (-2.2%, to 383.8 thousand tons), Moldova (-10.2%, to 168.3 thousand tons) and Ukraine (-3.9 %, up to 5538.7 thousand tons). At the same time, the growth of raw milk production continued in other countries: ...
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