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Why do Ca Mau farmers have to use drugs to catch 5-7kg seabass that are drunk in the square of ecological shrimp in Vietnam?

Vì sao nông dân Cà Mau phải đánh thuốc tìm bắt những con cá chẽm 5-7kg say bí tỉ trong vuông tôm sinh thái?
This news article has been translated to English.
May 2, 2022
From Danviet
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Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu (Phu Hiep hamlet, Thanh Tung commune, Dam Doi district, Ca Mau province) said that when taking water to raise shrimp and seabass, they often follow the water to the square. After a season of shrimp farming, the owner must square the shrimp to harvest seabass, because this fish grows very quickly. Usually after more than a year seabass weighs 5-7 kg/fish, with children more than 10 kg. If not caught up in time, seabass will eat shrimp, reducing shrimp farming productivity of farmers.
To catch seabass in the square, people have to open culverts to drain the water in the field to let the fish into the canal. After that, people used the drug wire to grind the fish and spread it on the water surface. After a few minutes, the seabass with drug addiction emerged, splashed with water, and looked very eye-catching. After a while, the seabass gradually tired, people just need to use a racket or use their hands to catch fish freely. Shrimp medicine to catch seabass is not only to kill fish that eat shrimp, but ...
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