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W3 Strawberry Update: Dutch Strawberry Consumption Worries with Changing Demographics and Korean Strawberries Proven Safe Against Foreign Video Concerns

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Published Jan 25, 2024

Dutch Strawberry Consumption Faces Concerns Amidst Changing Demographics

Dutch strawberry consumption recorded a rise of almost 1% year-on-year (YoY) in 2023, with over 75% of consumers purchasing strawberries. However, concern arises as the number of young buyers is decreasing. The Netherlands is experiencing a 3.5% YoY increase in strawberry sales, reaching approximately 83 thousand kilograms (kg), but a 17% YoY decline in exports, mainly to Germany and Scandinavia. Turkey, Egypt, and Greece gained market share, emphasizing the need for the Dutch strawberry sector to maintain exports through sustainable practices. Despite a 5% YoY production decrease, there are opportunities for growth within Europe and beyond, contingent on adherence to sustainability and climate resilience measures.

Korean Strawberries Proven Safe Amidst Concerns Raised by Foreign Videos

Despite circulating foreign videos warning of worms in strawberries, experts assure the safety of domestically produced strawberries in South Korea. The footage, which depicts fruit flies emerging from strawberries soaked in salt water, originates from abroad and is not related to Korean strawberries.The Rural Development Administration affirms that the strawberry harvest period in South Korea and the fruit fly activity period are separate, ensuring the safety of the produce. Exporting Korean strawberries to countries such as Australia, which enforce rigorous quarantine measures, serves as additional confirmation of the absence of fruit flies. Experts advise a gentle wash under running water for strawberries to preserve their texture and taste, underscoring the exceptional quality and safety of domestically-grown strawberries.

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