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W42: Strawberry Update

Fresh Strawberry
Published Oct 26, 2023

In W42 in the strawberry landscape, in Aug-23, the Agricultural Production Index in Peru recorded a 4.05% decrease compared to Aug-22, primarily attributed to reduced production in the agricultural subsectors. Notably, several agricultural products, including strawberries, reported decreased production. Strawberries, in particular, saw a significant decline of 60.56% year-on-year (YoY). The overall decrease in national production in Aug-23, which impacted various sectors, was influenced by factors like El Niño Costero, socio-environmental conflicts, and technical and climatic issues, leading to temporary suspensions in productive activities.

The Italian market showed varying prices for different berries. Dutch strawberries were selling at premium rates, reaching over USD 8.44 per kilogram (EUR 8/kg), while domestic strawberries stood at USD 5.28/kg (EUR 5/kg). Prices may vary across different locations in Italy, reflecting regional demand and supply conditions.

The province of Huelva, Spain, is amid the strawberry planting season with plans to plant approximately 330 million plants in Oct-23. However, farmers are facing a significant challenge due to a shortage of available labor for planting and harvesting. To address this issue, they are considering expanding the Moroccan labor contingent, which has been involved in strawberry harvesting in Huelva for over two campaigns. In a meeting scheduled for October 26, the potential expansion of the Moroccan contingent will be discussed to ensure an adequate labor supply for the harvest.

Lastly, the 2023/24 strawberry and raspberry harvest is starting in Tasmania, Australia. These specialty crops have been cultivated in the region since autumn 2020, contributing to the Tasmanian berry industry, which employs a diverse workforce comprising seasonal migrant workers, locals, working holidaymakers, and backpackers.

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