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W45: Grape Update

Fresh Grape
Published Nov 14, 2023

In W45 in the grape landscape, the wholesale price of Moldovan grapes experienced a 19% week-over-week (WoW) increase due to the completion of direct sales from plantations by the end of Oct-23, reaching an average of USD 0.89/kg (MDL 16/kg), marking a five-year high. However, high demand from export traders in the second half of autumn may have triggered even higher prices on Nov-23. Other varieties of grapes, including white and red, seeded and seedless, also increased by 5% to 7% in Nov-23. Grape supplies for these varieties are decreasing, and their consumer qualities and shelf life are declining rapidly. As a result, most of these grapes are sold only on the domestic market at a 15% to 20% higher price than average quality Moldova grapes.

Fresh Peruvian grape shipments have increased by 12% year-over-year (YoY) in W44, reaching 111.5 thousand tons, placing the campaign 54% ahead of the same period in 2022. The United States (US) saw grape shipments of 10.2 thousand tons, 33% higher YoY, with Peruvian exporters Ecosac Agrícola SAC and Sociedad Agrícola Rapel SAC leading the way. Shipments reached 5,246 tons in the United Kingdom (UK), a 22% increase YoY.

In Oct-23, Uzbekistan exported 16.7 thousand tons of fresh table grapes for USD 11.1 million, a 39% decrease month-on-month (MoM) and 3.3 times less than in 2022. It is the second consecutive month of falling Uzbek fresh grapes export volumes. The main reason for this decline is the low harvest due to the frosts in Jan-23, causing record-high prices for these products. The gap between current and last year's wholesale prices increased sharply, with average prices being 1.5 to 3 times higher in Sep-23 and two times higher in Oct-23. As a result, Uzbek grape exports decreased significantly in Sept-23 and Oct-23, with 99.8 thousand tons exported to foreign markets for USD 63.7 million, a 41% YoY decrease.

The Incofruit Exporters Association - Hellas reported a 10.9% YoY decrease in table grape exports from Greece to from 43.9 thousand tons in 2022, to 39.1 thousand tons in 2023. Italy's grape supplies, particularly Italia and Crimson Seedless, dominated the European market. However, the Italian table grape production reached 890 thousand tons in 2023, a 12% decrease from the previous three years.

Russia's Ministry of Agriculture announced that the grape harvest in the 2023/24 season will decrease from 890 thousand tons in 2022/23 season to 760 thousand tons this season.

Lastly, the grape harvest in Australia is predicted to reach a record 220 thousand metric tons (mt) in the 2023/24 season, a 10 thousand mt increase from 2022. This growth is due to favorable seasonal conditions, which are expected to continue until the end of the growing season, resulting in high-quality grapes and a 5% YoY increase in consumption by 2023/24 season.

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