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W46 Mango Update: Australian Mango Growers Are Expecting a Good Year, While El Niño Hit Ecuadorian Mango Production

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Published Nov 27, 2023

Ecuadorian Mango Production Was Hit by El Niño

In W46 in the mango landscape, Ecuadorian mango production was hit by El Niño phenomenon and other natural disasters in the 2023/24 season. According to the Ecuadorian Mango Foundation (MEF), the annual production is estimated to drop by 60% year-on-year (YoY), and the percentage drop could even go up to 75%, depending on the duration of the fruit harvesting period. To minimize losses, the leading producers in the country aim to complete the harvest by December. Notably, Ecuador is the only country in the world that produces 100% exportable mangoes with global certifications, owing to its traceability and good agricultural practices. 90% of Ecuadorian mangoes are exported to the United States (US).

Đồng Tháp Mangoes Were Granted 252 Growing Area Codes for Export to China

The Đồng Tháp province of Vietnam in the Mekong Delta region has one of the largest mango growing areas, with Cat Chu Cao Lanh, and Cat Hoa Loc being the main varieties. The province has a mango growing area of about 14 thousand hectares (ha), producing nearly 120 thousand metric tons (mt). Đồng Tháp has 295 mango growing areas with codes corresponding to 8,300 ha, concentrated mainly in Cao Lãnh district and City. Đồng Tháp mangoes were granted 252 codes to export to China. These codes cover over 7 thousand ha, and account for over 84.34% of the total production.

Australian Mango Growers Are Expecting a Good Year

Mango growers in Australia are expected to receive a good price for their produce this season due to a well-timed staggered harvest. The unseasonal winter conditions have slightly delayed the Northern Queensland growers' harvest, allowing a steady stream of mangoes to hit the market at a good time and provide a good return for the farmers. This will result in a steady supply of mangoes throughout the season, as opposed to last year, when there was a volume timing issue due to seasonality.

All Kenyan’s Mango Shipments Are Subjected to Physical Inspection

Lastly, the Horticulture Crops Directorate of the Agricultural and Food Authority in Kenya has mandated physical inspection of mango shipments starting November 13. This is because some exporters have mixed shipments of mangoes with avocados for sea shipping, which is detrimental to the Kenyan export industry. Mixing shipments causes delays, extra paperwork, and increased costs for legal mango exporters. There is also much corruption in the fresh produce sector in Kenya, which is attributed to some market players prioritizing quick profits over following regulations.

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