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W48 Avocado Update: Global Challenges and Opportunities in Mexico, South Africa, Peru, Morocco, Rwanda, and Spain

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Published Dec 8, 2023

Difficult Season for Mexican Avocados due to Lack of Volumes

2023 is an extremely difficult season for Mexican avocados. During this time of the year, the Mexican harvest is at its peak. However, due to the lack of volume, almost no avocados are going to the European market. The Mexican peak season runs from September to December. From January onwards, exports to distant destinations such as Europe become more risky due to the higher risk of high dry matter content from December to February. This year, working almost year-round, Mexican producers and exports can't afford to send products to Europe due to fruit sizes impacted by climatic problems. Furthermore, the American avocado craze drives illegal deforestation in Michoacán, Mexico. Demand tripled in two decades, causing environmental devastation and violence linked to organized crime in the USD 2.7 billion industry. Local protests lead to intimidation, kidnappings, and murders of activists.

South Africa Outpaces Peru in China’s Avocado Market with Shorter Shipping Times, Gaining Competitive Edge

South Africa secures a significant edge over Peru in avocado exports to China following a recent government agreement. With a shorter shipping time of 15 to 30 days compared to Peru's 35 days, South Africa gains a competitive advantage. Among the ten approved nations exporting avocados to China, South Africa entered the market on Aug-28. The extended export season, spanning from February to mid-January due to high-altitude cultivation, further underscores South Africa's superior position. It is predicted that South Africa will export about 18 million boxes of avocados this year, an increase of nearly 10% from 16.3 million boxes last year.

Peruvian Avocado Exports Increase 9% YoY in First Nine Months

According to the ADEX Data Trade Commercial Intelligence System, Peru's avocado exports between January and September 2023 grew by 9% in value compared to the same period in 2022, rising to 953 million dollars. In volume, Peru registered an increase of 3.3%, with the shipment of 594,778 tons. Peru exports avocados to 36 markets. The Netherlands was the primary market with a 30.7% share and USD 293 million in purchases, a 12.2% YoY increase. Spain ranked second, with USD 185 million (19.4% share), showing a 42.1% growth. The top 5 included the United States (USD 135 million), Chile (USD 97 million), and the United Kingdom (USD 97 million).

Morocco to Experience Record Avocado Imports in 2023

Despite being the ninth-largest exporter globally in 2022, Morocco will see record avocado imports this year at 13.5 thousand tons in just nine months, the highest in 8 years. Avocado's popularity is rising in Morocco, though historically not part of local cuisine. From 4 thousand tons seven years ago, imports have surged three and a half times, reaching USD 8.5 million this year. The main import season is between March and September, aligning with low local availability. Import growth is tied to the tourism industry's performance.

First Container of Rwandan Avocados Arrive in the Netherlands

The first reefer container with avocados from Rwanda arrived at Avor in Poeldijk in the Netherlands, witnessed by the Rwandan ambassador and officials from Avor and Flying Swans. According to the Commercial Manager of Avor, The quality is good and suitable for ripening. This breakthrough benefits Rwanda's horticulture sector, providing access to the European market. The collaboration involves SOUK Farms, IDH experts, Maersk for logistics, and Flying Swans for supervision. The container traveled the Northern Corridor, a route from Kigali to Mombasa, showcasing Kenya's goal to serve hinterland countries.

Spanish Avocado and Mango Organization Recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture

Established in Nov-22 to represent Spain's avocado and mango sectors, the Interprofessional Avocado and Mango Organization received official recognition from the Ministry of Agriculture. Published in the Official State Gazette on Nov- 28, 2023, the ministerial order solidifies the organization's role in defending common interests, promoting consumption, enhancing knowledge and transparency, and implementing joint actions in production, research, and marketing.

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