About Us

Transforming global trades with data, ecosystem and people

Tridge is a global sourcing hub that puts together data, network, and people to make cross-border trade happens. We deliver values by providing intelligence, ecosystem, and a global network of people to help buyers and suppliers find new opportunities, get connected, and start doing business together efficiently.
Our Mission

We make global trades happen

The global trade industry has long been characterized by inefficiencies as the result of scattered information and lack of verification of trade parties. This has considerably stalled the healthy flow of global trades and create undesirable arbitrage in global trades.
Our goal is to address these inefficiencies by providing reliable market information, a safe and efficient trade ecosystem for suppliers and buyers to connect and communicate and a global network of human operations to support trade operations that are needed.
We provide reliable market information.
We collect, organize and make data related to the trading of food and agriculture accessible by anyone.
We operate a global trade ecosystem.
We verify every member who joins our global trading community to foster trust and encourage healthy transactions.
We run extensive human operations.
We operate a global network of human operations to help us achieve the scale of global sourcing.
Our Team

Talented & diverse team that has driven us forward.

Our team members come from many countries around the world. By combining unique expertise brought by each individual, we are able to build and operate a large-scale trading infrastructure as it is now today.
Tridge hires the best talents who had demonstrated outstanding achievements from diverse industries including IT, trading, consumer goods, finance, and consulting.
Adding up to our in-house talented team, we also operate a large network of local professionals pooling their knowledge and expertise together to open up more possibilities and opportunities more than ever before.
Our team and network is spread across the globe. Our human operations cover trading activities not only in the countries where we are but also the related countries.
* These countries are indirectly supported by our team or network in closely related or adjacent countries.
Our Investors

Investors who have joined force.

Since its inception, our business has helped countless buyers and suppliers around the globe connect and do business together. With our investors’ trust in our grand mission, we are now on our fast track to become the leading global trade platform, and revolutionize how people trade globally.
Our Solutions

Get started with our solutions

If you are a buyer who wants to source from the global market, visit this section to learn more.
If you are a supplier who wants to increase your sales to the global market, visit this section to learn more.
If you are a buyer, supplier, or someone who wants to benefit from our extensive collections of intelligence in food and agriculture, visit this section to learn more.