In France, everything is on the rise except the price of milk

Publicado 21 de jul. de 2022

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Nobody is supposed to ignore the law. Not even dairy companies, even cooperative ones. Tuesday July 12, it is the message that the milk producers went to deliver in front of the LFO factories (Fromageries occitanes) sanfloraine and saint-mamétoise of Sodiaal at the call of the FDSEA and the Young farmers. Almost ten months after the promulgation of the Égalim 2 law, the situation is bitter among producers: dairies have an unfortunate tendency to sit on the text. This law provides that milk price formulas include a production cost indicator, which has soared for six months without the curve of the price paid to producers following the movement.Never have the markets been so buoyant“We are in an unprecedented situation, reminded Saint-Mamet Jean-Paul Peyral, president of the dairy section of the FDSEA, in front of the hundred (1) producers gathered at the entrance to the cheese site. Milk production is down everywhere in France as well as at European and global level; at the same ...
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