Los pequeños productores de carne de aves de corral de Kazajstán también recibirán apoyo estatal

Actualizado May 29, 2023
The situation with the mechanism of subsidizing the poultry industry was explained by the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan at a briefing held on Friday in the CCS on the issues of spring field work. According to the head of the department, poultry farmers annually receive subsidies per kilogram of produced and sold poultry meat, previously only large producers with production volumes of 20,000 tons of products per year had access to subsidies. "Now, according to the new rules developed and entered into force, the bar has been reduced to 5,000 tons per year, thus expanding the circle of recipients of subsidies, and smaller producers now also have access to state support," the minister stressed. E.Karashukeev also noted that today we are fully self-sufficient in eggs. Poultry farmers of the egg direction also have access to all state support mechanisms, except for one item - commodity-specific subsidies, when the state ...
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