Bulgaria: The number of dairy animals in the Northwest is decreasing

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Publicado 28 de jun. de 2023

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The number of dairy animals in North-West Bulgaria has significantly decreased, with some villages only having a few cows and sheep left. Kiril Iliev, a shepherd, believes that the low purchase price of milk in Bulgaria is one of the reasons for the decline in the dairy industry. He compares the situation to Romania, where breeders are allowed to make and sell cheese freely, and believes that Bulgaria should provide more opportunities for dairy farmers to sell their products.
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Drastically reduces the number of dairy animals in North-West Bulgaria. There are already villages in which a total of 2-3 cows and a dozen sheep remain. We ask you: Are you planning to implement any of the Ecoschemes? "Here in every village, if not in every house, then at least through a house, people used to look, but now they don't anymore. There is no dairy. A man passes by with a tanker truck and takes it, but for how long - I don't know. That's why I decided to give up at one point. I advertised to sell the whole herd, but it didn't work out. Buyers came in wanting them for almost double the money I had advertised. And I have invested money in the animals - to buy them, to raise them. I also put in work every day - to feed them, to clean them. I got mad at these easy money seekers and gave up. I'll try to look after them a little more, and then we'll see," comments Kiril Iliev, who has been looking after a flock of sheep for years. He is increasingly disappointed with the ...
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