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To optimize your experience on our platform, we've refined our services.

What was once 'Intelligence & Data' is now split into two distinct offerings: (1) Data & Analytics and (2) Insights. Furthermore, the Sourcing Hub, encompassing Sourcing Requests and Exhibition 365, has evolved into the enhanced Social Marketplace. Within Data & Analytics, access to certain data that was previously open to free users is now exclusive to premium members, ensuring higher quality service. These upgrades are all about empowering you to engage more effectively and maximize your experience.
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Your Gateway to All Things Tridge

The new Tridge.com Home offers the latest agricultural trends, actual market data, supplier information, and news content, all personalized based on your browsing history in Tridge.
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A Brand New Way to Connect With Agri-Food Players

Connect and engage with players in the agri-food industry in Tridge Social Marketplace. Build long-term relationships founded on trust.
Data & Analytics

Unlock the hidden potential of agri-food with Tridge Data & Analytics

Explore Tridge Data & Analytics Services, your entryway to comprehensive insights into the agri-food world, and harness the power of diverse data sources to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Stay Ahead in the Agri-Food Industry with Tridge Insights

Discover valuable insights on agriculture with most up-to-date information at Tridge Insights.
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