On-the-Ground Update

Brazilian Mango Exporters to South Korea are Having Difficulties in the 2022 Season

Fresh Mango
South Korea
Market & Price Trends
Jandelson Alves
Published Aug 12, 2022
Due to the approaching Korean Thanksgiving holiday, exporters see demand increase. But the supply of fiberless mangoes is very limited. At the moment, the Keitt variety is the only option in fiberless mangoes. However, the Korean market prefers smaller sizes such as 9 and 10. And after selection in the packing house, exporters check larger size mangoes, such as 6 and 7. Smaller sizes in varieties such as Keitt and Kent, are more difficult to obtain in terms of volume and color. Also the smaller fruit of these varieties are more susceptible to loss of quality during the hot water treatment (HWT) Phytosanitary Requirement, making them impossible to be marketed in Korea.

Another option for exporters would be to export the Tommy Atkins variety to Korea, but the presence of fiber does not attract consumers.
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