On-the-Ground Update

Polish Wholesale Market Prices for Fruit and Vegetables in W3

Fresh Banana
Market & Price Trends
Fresh Bell Pepper
Szymon Bury
Published Jan 25, 2023
Due to a shortage of bananas in Europe, prices have increased again in W3. The general consensus in the Polish market is that volumes of fresh fruit and vegetables are expected to be average. Below are the exemplary transaction prices on January 22, 2023, in the Bronisze Wholesale market:

Banana Ecuador: USD 24.98-26.36/18kg (PLN 108-114/18kg box)
Lemon Turkish: USD 1.16/kg(PLN 5/kg)
Lemon Spanish: USD 15.03-16.19/10kg (PLN 65-70/10kg)
Mandarin Italian 1/2/3: USD 11.56/10kg (PLN 50/10kg)
Mandarin Turkish: USD 13.88/10kg (PLN 60/10kg)
Bell pepper Spanish: USD 12.72/6kg (PLN 55/6kg)
Bell pepper Turkish: USD 11.56/kg (PLN 50/6kg)
Cucumber Spanish: USD 8.09-10.41/6kg (PLN 35-45/6kg)
Tomato Turkish: USD 1.62/kg (PLN 7/kg)
Tomato Spanish: USD 13.41/6kg (PLN 58/6kg)
Pink tomato Spanish: USD 19.66/6kg (PLN 85/6kg)
Red Globe grapes Chile: USD 24.28/8.2kg (PLN 105/8.2kg)
White grapes Chile: USD 27.75/8.2kg (PLN 120/8.2kg)
Kiwifruit Greek: USD 11.56/10kg (PLN 50/10kg)
Orange Spanish: USD 0.97/kg (PLN 4.2/kg)
Orange Greek: USD 0.93/kg (PLN 4/kg)
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