On-the-Ground Updates

Rotterdam Wholesale Market Adjusted Prices for Hass Avocados from Colombia, Kenya During W20

Jose Caballero
Published Apr 26, 2024
In the Rotterdam wholesale market, prices for Hass avocados from Colombia, Kenya, and Peru adjusted from W19 to W20 in response to market demand. Colombia's Hass avocados (12-24, 4kg box) remained stable at USD 13.05/box, while those in (26/28/30/32, 10kg box) also held at USD 10.88/box. Peru's Hass avocados (14-18, 4kg box) maintained at USD 13.59/box, while (20/24, 4kg box) stayed at USD 8.70/box, and (26-32, 10 kg box) remained at USD 14.14/box. Additionally, Kenya's Hass avocados (16-24, 4 kg box) stayed unchanged at USD 10.88/box. The market observed pressure on small and medium-sized prices in W20 due to increased volumes from Peru, Colombia, and Kenya.
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