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Tridge Report
Tridge Report

2021 Colombian Avocado Report

Nov 22, 2021
Tridge Market Intelligence Team
Fresh Avocado
Price Trend
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In 2020, Colombian avocado exports value increased by 64% from the previous fiscal year, along with a 40% increase in volume. In the first five-months of 2021, Colombian avocado exports rose by 88% reaching USD 114.3M as a response to the rise in global demand. Avocado Production in Colombia increased by 19% from the previous year in 2020, reaching 638,6000 MT. Production in Colombia has continuously grown year by year since 2016, with an 81.74% growth over the last three years.
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Table of Content

Part I - Colombian Avocado Product Information

1.1 Varieties

1.2 Seasonality

1.3 Trade Regulations and Tariffs

1.4 Supply Chain

Part II - Global Market Dynamics

2.1 Consumption

2.2 Production

2.3 Exports

The EU: The Netherlands, UK and Spain

Part III. Sources

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