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Black Tea Market Report

Updated Sep 16, 2021
In the last 10 years, global black tea production increased by approximately 3.1% CAGR to reach 3.3 million MT in 2017. Even though the black tea production has faced certain setbacks in the last few years, FAO estimates that the world black tea production is projected to grow at 2.2 % CAGR to reach 4.4 million MT by 2027. This report provides an overview of the global black tea market landscape, including production, consumption, exports and imports. Emphasis is made on issues faced by the industry in the last few years along with a special overview of the challenges faced by key players during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report covers key producers end exporters like Kenya, Sri Lanka, India and Argentina.

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Table of Content

Part I - Black Tea Product Information (HS: 090240)

1.1 Processing and Manufacturing

1.2 Major Varieties

1.3 Grade classification under ISO 11286:2004

1.4 Main Trade Regulations

1.5 Supply Chain

Part II - Global Market Dynamics

2.1 Consumption

2.2 Production and Exports

2.3 Recent Developments in Major Exporting Countries

2.3.1 Kenya

2.3.2 Sri Lanka

2.3.3 India

2.3.4 Country with High Prospects: Argentina

2.4 Global Black Tea Export Trends

2.5 Outlook for the Black Tea Industry

2.5.1 Prices

2.5.2 Production and Exports

2.5.3 Demand and Consumption

Part III - Sources 

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