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- Aim to solve the world food crisis by implementing an inexpensive and sustainable manner.
- A privately owned food technology company.
- It manufactures and sells clean, plant-based natural ingredients.
- Highly affordable price.
- Developed patented processing techniques and supply chain logistics.
- Main clients businesses into food processing business directly or indirectly.
- Exported to the USA and Europe.
- Aiming to capture Canada.
- Preferred ports: Nuevo Laredo, Veracruz, Tampico and Manzanillo.
- Follow certified quality standards under certification of GMP and HACCP.

Company Story


Genius Foods 

Was founded in 2014 by its founders Enrique & Flavio. Our purpose is to improve nutrition & sustainability in processed foods. Genius Foods Is a privately held food tech company that manufactures and sells clean label, plant based and natural ingredients. We’ve developed patented processing technologies and supply chain logistics that gives us a competitive edge in producing and distributing: (1) Natural flavors (2) Natural Colors (3) Functional Fibers (4) Vegetable protein concentrates.

Our Sourcing

We source our raw materials from agroindustrial byproducts, such as seeds and peels normally discarded from fruit and vegetable processing, “too ugly” and “too small” fruits and vegetables sourced directly from producers and undervalued crops, which are, crops that their nutritional and functional properties are much higher than their economic value.

By sourcing sustainably we asure that small producers receive extra income for their produce.

Technologies & processes

With our proprietary dehydration process we manage to keep more than 96% of antioxidants and volatile compounds in our powders. For this reason our natural colors have more pigments and our natural flavors have more flavor. For our functional fibers we only apply physical processes to improve water holding capacity, emulsion properties and texture properties making our fibers sustainable and clean label.

Quality and Operations

Our facilites are located in Monterrey, Mexico, at a distance of only 140 miles from the Mexican – US border.

Complies with all regulatory and costumer standards.

HACCP, Good manufacturing practices, Recall program, Supplier approval, Document control, Internal auditing.

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Genius Foods
MX flagMexico

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Official website: Genius Foods
Business registration number: IMC141111S36
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How Genius Foods produces its functional fibers
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Genius Foods sustainable and natural food ingredients
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How to improve processed foods for everyone. Interview with Enrique Gonzalez



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Company Details
Genius Foods
MX flagMexico

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