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- Established in 1950, a family-owned company headquartered in Nepal.
- Specializes in the manufacture of spices, herbs, grains, and certain fruits and vegetables.
- The main products are strawberry, kiwi, avocado, walnut, honey, coffee, tea, and more than 30 kinds of vegetables.
- Organically and naturally grown strawberry are harvested 450 MT/year
- Uses mechanized farming methods for kiwi and avocado.
- Other than agriculture, the company also invests in construction, hospitality, manufacturing, renewable energy, and financial service.

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Making Organic Produce Easily Accessible To You

“We supply 100% organic produce, empowering local farmers, and mobilizing skilled technicians and manpower. Golyan Agro strives to create a sustainable Agro- farming trend for a healthier and self-sustained nation.”

At Golyan Agro, our specialized team overviews the quality management of our crops. For us, the production and mobilization of an excellent quality product are essential. We believe in establishing a platform that can bring about the best organically grown and well-monitored produces.

Food grade and health are not matters that you can compromise.

We mobilize the local producers and guide them with vocational skills for an effective harvest that maintains the quality of the crops. We seek to generate more locally grown organic produce to strengthen local producers’ income. Their involvement provides local employment and contributes to the national revenue.

Local farmers are mobilized and supported by providing proper technical assistance to generate organic production. The remuneration is not compromised and transactions are kept transparent. For us, they are an important part of Golyan Agro Trade.

220 Bighas in of land in Jhapa, Terai is the primary source of our produce.

Golyan Agro Trade is the Agricultural Division of the Golyan Group a Nepalese conglomerate with diversified business prioritizing export. It is a dream project with a huge potential in striving to make Nepal agriculturally sustainable. We are honored to mobilize hundreds of staff who work to make this dream a success.

We further strive to export our products in the global market as we see a potential opportunity for the company and the nation as a whole.

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Golyan Agro Farm
Golyan Agro Farm
Golyan Agro Farm
Golyan Agro Farm
Golyan Agro Farm
Golyan Agro Farm
Golyan Agro Farm
Golyan Agro Farm
Golyan Agro Farm
Golyan Agro Farm


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