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1 billion dollars hazelnut export from Turkey

Hazelnut Kernel
Updated Jul 15, 2021
A revenue of 1 billion 38 million 343 thousand 691 dollars was obtained from 148 thousand 526 tons of hazelnut exports from Turkey in the January-June period of the year. In hazelnut exports, 990 million 503 thousand 949 dollars were earned in exchange for 142 thousand 81 tons of product, and an increase of 5 percent in quantity and value was achieved compared to the same period of the previous season. During this period, the number of countries exporting hazelnuts from Turkey was 120. The countries with the highest hazelnut sales were listed as Germany, Italy and France.
This year, different countries entered the list. In this period from Turkey, unlike last year, hazelnuts were sold to Senegal, Chile, Afghanistan, Costa Rica, Peru, Tanzania, Mongolia, Benin, Guinea, Niger, Bahamas, Gabon and Nepal. In this period, companies based in Trabzon provided a foreign exchange inflow of 393 million 106 thousand 359 dollars in return for the export of 52 thousand 318 tons of hazelnuts. ...

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