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Spain: The export of dehydrated fodder grew by 35% over the previous campaign

Un buen momento: La exportación de forrajes deshidratados creció un 35% sobre la anterior campaña
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Jun 3, 2022
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Spanish dehydrated fodder exports grew by 35% in the 2021-22 campaign compared to the previous campaign, which is 383,282 tons more than in 2020-21. The main destination of dehydrated fodder was the United Arab Emirates with 540,124 tons, the Spanish Association of Dehydrated Alfalfa Manufacturers reported in a press release. In addition, China and Saudi Arabia were consolidated with 303,425 and 149,123 imported tons, respectively.
Dehydrated alfalfa bales were the most demanded format internationally with 80% of total exports. With these data, Spanish dehydrated forage exports have set a sales record with just over 1,460,000 tons that were destined for the international market during the recently completed 2021-22 campaign. Of the total exported, 80% corresponded to the bullet format, with a total of 1,166,025 exported, while granulated exports reached 294,286 tons. Exports in bullet format have grown notably, while granules have remained at sales levels that the association considers normal. The main destinations of the bullets were the United Arab Emirates with 45.9% of sales, followed by China with 22.4% and Saudi Arabia with 12.8%. Completing the top 5 is Jordan -despite the fact that it fell by 21.8% and went from exporting 71,246 to 55,714 tons- and South Korea with 3.7% and 3.5% respectively. Regarding pellets, the main importer was France with 75,406 tons, 25.6% of total sales in this format, ...
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