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A new 35 hectare pistachio plantation is being laid in the Fergana region of Uzbekistan

В Ферганской области Узбекистана закладывают новую фисташковую плантацию площадью 35 га
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Nov 17, 2021
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In the Rishtan district of the Fergana region of Uzbekistan, a large pistachio plantation is being laid on an area of 35 hectares, and next year the area of this plantation is planned to be increased to 200 hectares, EastFruit analysts report, citing the National News Agency of Uzbekistan. Iranian varieties of pistachios were selected for planting this plantation.
It is known that pistachio is one of the most drought-resistant tree and artisanal species and the establishment of this plantation is carried out on non-irrigated lands with stony soil, which are unsuitable for the production of the vast majority of agricultural crops. Part of the costs of drilling and launching vertical wells for irrigating the plantation will be compensated by the Council of Farmers, Dekhkan Farms and Owners of Home Lands of Uzbekistan. The maximum subsidy for this purpose will be 120 million soums ($ 11,172). According to the Agency, the planting of pistachio seedlings is carried out according to new improved technologies, as a result of which the trees will begin to bear fruit in 7-8 years, which is 4 years earlier than with the traditional method of planting. In the same district of the Fergana region, an "Agroshkola" for pistachio growing is being created, including a scientific center for pistachio production technologies, a nursery for growing seedlings ...
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