A new adjustment of the reference freight rates was made official to highlight the loss of competitiveness of Argentine agriculture

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Published Apr 17, 2024

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On March 13, an agreement was reached in Argentina involving transporters, cargo providers, and mediators to adjust the reference rate for transportation services, setting the freight cost for 400 kilometers at $39,048/ton. This adjustment, published in the Official Gazette, significantly increases the transportation cost of corn to 25.5% of its gross value, up from 19.2% the previous year, thereby reducing the competitiveness of Argentine agricultural companies. This issue is compounded by the lack of price adjustments in agricultural goods and services and a decrease in international grain prices. Despite this, automotive freight transportation in Argentina remains a deregulated activity, with the state playing a limited role, and the rates being indicative, allowing for negotiation between parties.
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After a debate between transporters and representatives of cargo providers, with officials from the Undersecretariat of Automotive Transportation serving as mediators, a consensus was reached on March 13 to adjust the value of the reference rate per kilometer for transportation services at the national level. national. With the new scheme – published today in the Official Gazette – for freight of 400 kilometers the new reference rate became $39,048/ton (US$44.0/ton with the current BNA selling exchange rate). In this way, with the current average prices of corn available in Rosario (153,000 $/ton), the indicative freight to transport the cereal from Río Cuarto (Córdoba) to the Rosario port terminals would be equivalent to 25.5% of the gross value of the corn . A year ago, the proportion of the reference freight rate for a distance of 400 kilometers represented 19.2% of the gross value of corn, which shows a significant loss of competitiveness in the period for Argentine ...
Source: Agromeat
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