A new area of poultry farming is being developed in Russia

Published Feb 20, 2024

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The Kemerovo region in Russia is pioneering large-scale industrial breeding of partridges, specifically the chukar, under the leadership of postgraduate student Daria Latysheva from Kuzbass State Agrarian University. The project aims to leverage the nutritional benefits of chukar meat, which is richer in calories and minerals than chicken, and the bird's resistance to stress and diseases, which eliminates the need for vaccines and antibiotics. The initiative, relatively new in Russia, has received accolades at the UMNIK project competition for young scientists and if successful, it is planned to be expanded across Siberia.
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In the Kemerovo region, industrial breeding of partridges (mountain partridges) is being developed on a huge scale. According to TASS, the Minister of Economic Development of the region, Konstantin Pytchenko, spoke about this. The corresponding scientific project is being implemented by postgraduate student of Kuzbass State Agrarian University (KuzGAU) Daria Latysheva. The reason for this was the even greater benefits of chukar meat compared to chicken. In particular, it is five percent more caloric than the latter and contains more minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. An additional advantage of the project is that the chukar is resistant to various types of stress, and also has a high level of natural resistance to various types of diseases. Thanks to this, vaccines and antibiotics are not used when breeding it, which makes the meat of this bird very environmentally friendly, Latysheva explained. A mixed type of poultry feeding with a high protein content and ...
Source: Rosng
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