Myanmar: A week's market review, including broad beans and butter, which could fetch good prices if the Chinese route opens up well

Dried Mung Bean
Published Mar 16, 2024

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The business community has raised concerns over price manipulation as the cost of mungbean and soybeans has dropped again this week. The market is largely influenced by India's needs and domestic policies, and traders are limiting reinvestment due to cash flow issues. While corn prices remain steady in the Yangon market, they are falling in other regions due to traffic and export policies. Butter beans prices are also decreasing, but traders are optimistic about future prices if trade routes with China open. Year on year, soybean prices remain stable, but broad beans and butter beans have seen a price increase.
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The price of mungbean, which rose last week, has fallen again this week. Last day, the business community announced a notification that they would take action if they were found to be gambling on the rising price of soybeans, and then the prices of soybeans dropped again. Currently, the price is falling, but due to India's needs and domestic policies, the market has been controlled, so the price has not decreased much. In addition, some traders said that there is a situation where traders in the market are tight on cash and they are not reinvesting much, so they are monitoring the market. Due to the fact that the beans are bought in advance, there are only a few in the hands of the farmers. In the short term, the price of soybeans may decrease due to the announcement, but there are analyzes that the price of soybeans will recover due to the decrease in soybean demand in India. (SQ/RC) has a price of 32100000 per ton, and the price has decreased by 85000 per ton. The price of raw ...
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