Additional government support for farmers of the Moroccan sugar chain

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Published Dec 6, 2023

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The Moroccan government has decided to provide additional subsidies for sugar beet and sugarcane farmers, offering 80 dirhams per ton for sugar beets and 70 dirhams per ton for sugarcane. The decision aims to improve productivity, increase farmers' income, expand cultivated areas, and reduce import of raw sugar. The sugar industry is considered strategically important for the country, benefiting thousands of farmers and injecting billions of dirhams into the regional economy.
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AHDATH.INFO The government issued a decision to grant a new additional subsidy of 80 dirhams per ton for sugar beets and 70 dirhams per ton for sugarcane for the benefit of farmers of the Moroccan sugar chain, based on the request of the Moroccan Federal Interprofessional Sugar Federation (FIMASUCRE). In a statement, she expressed her sincere thanks to Mr The Prime Minister, as well as the Minister of Economy and Finance, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests, the Minister of Industry and Trade, and the Minister Delegate in charge of the budget. The communication confirmed that this decision, issued on December 1, will enter into force on the crops of sugar plants produced starting from the current agricultural season. 2023/2024, aims, on the one hand, to improve the productivity and competitiveness of sugar plants, as well as to raise farmers’ incomes, and on the other hand, to expand the cultivated areas and increase the national production ...
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