Aegean exporters mobilized for quality dried figs in Turkey

Dried Fig
Published Aug 11, 2021

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Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters' Association mobilized to improve the quality of dried figs, which earns Turkey 250 million dollars in foreign exchange annually, and to prevent the formation of aflatoxin and ochratoxin. Aegean exporters distributed 20 thousand fig drying crayfish, 16 thousand sour beetle attractant bait traps, 650 thousand cow nets and 5 thousand 300 harvest nets in the production areas of Aydın and Izmir, in order to prevent the dried figs from returning from the export markets due to aflatoxin and ochratoxin. .

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Pointing out that Turkey is the world leader in the production and export of dried figs, Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters' Association President Birol Celep said that the 2021/22 season is rapidly approaching in dried figs, that they have been mobilizing their resources for many years to ensure the highest quality in dried figs, crayfish, sourness beetle. He noted that they used a budget of 1.6 million TL for the attractive bait trap, cow net and harvest net. Informing that Turkey entered the 2020/21 season with a yield forecast of 85 thousand tons and an export target of 60 thousand tons of dried figs, Celep said, "In the period from September 30, 2020, when the dried fig export season started, to August 7, 2021, 64 thousand 747 tons of dried figs were exported. We achieved a foreign exchange income of 233 million 293 thousand dollars. Even though our dried fig harvest is 5 thousand tons lower than the 2019-20 season, our dried fig exports maintained the level in the ...
Source: Sondakika
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