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Russia: Agrarians of the Krasnoyarsk Territory received more than 180 million rubles for the production and marketing of grain

Аграрии Красноярского края получили более 180 млн рублей на производство и сбыт зерновых
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May 18, 2022
From Zol
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Agricultural producers of the region were reimbursed part of the costs for the production and sale of grain crops: wheat, rye and fodder barley. More than 180 million rubles were transferred to 268 agricultural enterprises, farms and individual entrepreneurs of the region. Support is provided from the funds that the state received last year from export duties on agricultural products. Such a mechanism of state aid makes it possible to stabilize grain prices in the domestic market. “Agrarians were reimbursed for the costs of selling 650.5 thousand tons of grain of their own production at a rate per ton. This is last year's harvest. The funds were brought to the villagers promptly, ahead of schedule, in order to support them in the new economic conditions,” said Leonid Shorokhov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Territory - Minister of Agriculture and Trade. Last year, ...
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