Agriculture, a priority for the China-Africa Cooperation Forum in Senegal

South Africa
Published Sep 9, 2021

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Agriculture will be at the top of the bill at the next China-Africa Cooperation Forum (Focac) which is held every three years and whose next edition will be held in Dakar, probably in November. While currently China mainly imports minerals from Africa, the Asian giant intends to rebalance its distribution of categories of imported products in favor of agriculture.

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He also wants to show goodwill by posting the objective of rebalancing a trade balance very largely in his favor since the deficit on the African side exceeded $ 17 billion in 2019, according to Foreign Policy. It is this will, Wu Peng, director general of the Africa department at the foreign ministry, told the South China Morning Post. He took for example the trade relations of China with Kenya, an African country usually rather famous for its tea, its coffee and its flowers but China mainly imports ores including titanium, niobium, zirconium, iron, manganese, etc. . Moreover, the main suppliers of minerals to China are African countries including DR Congo, Angola, South Africa, Congo, Zambia and Algeria. For its part, Africa imports from China mainly machinery, electronics, textiles and manufactured goods from China. Beijing now wants to rebalance all this both in terms of products and countries, adopting new policies and signing new trade agreements in favor of agricultural ...
Source: Commodafrica
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