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Spain: Agriculture estimates a 25% drop in national almond production and 4.8% in oil

Agricultura estima una caída del 25% en la producción nacional de almendra y del 4,8% en el aceite
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Nov 26, 2021
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The latest Advance of surfaces and productions of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA), with data as of September 30, estimates a shell almond production of 313,000 tons and an olive oil production of 1.30 million, 25, 8% and 4.8% less, respectively, than in 2020.The report places the production of grapes for winemaking at 5.36 million tons, a figure 13.5% lower than the still provisional data corresponding to the harvest of 2020.In citrus, the first MAPA season estimates place the volume of orange at 3.50 million tons (+0.03%), that of lemon at 1.02 million (-10.6%) and that of satsumas at 148,700 tons (-4.3%). Regarding pome fruits, the forecast is for a production of 608,700 tons of apples (+16.5%) and 304,500 tons of pears (-6%). In vegetables , points to an increase in squash of 2.2% (147,000 tons) and 2.7% for mid-season and late-season potatoes (2.10 million tons). ...
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