Agro-exports from Peru reach 140 markets in 2020

Published Feb 10, 2021

Original content

By Redacción, @PortalPortuario, of 6% last year compared to 2019 and reached 140 markets led by the United States and the Netherlands which together accounted for 50.4% of the total, as reported by the Exporters Association (ADEX). The Agrarian Promotion Law (No. 27360) had a lot to do with this result, which, during its validity, helped create employment formally, reduce poverty and showed Peru as an important food power. The new Law on the Agrarian Labor Regime and Incentives for the Agrarian and Irrigation, Agro-exporter and Agroindustrial Sector (N ° 31110), endangers everything that has been advanced and will impact multiple chains. thousand and fell -6.3%. Its main item was coffee with a participation of 88.1% and a variation of 1%, despite which it did not recover the amounts prior to the appearance of rust. It was followed by cane sugars, cane molasses and others. Of a total of 60 destinations, the USA (USD 206 million 526 thousand) stood out, with a ...
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