Algerian dates invade Moroccan markets despite the closure of the borders

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Published Mar 12, 2024

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Despite the Moroccan-Algerian border being closed, Algerian dates, especially the 'Deglet Nour' variety, are being smuggled into Moroccan markets via Mali and Mauritania ahead of Ramadan. These dates often lack safety and health standards, raising concerns about their quality and health safety, especially given their high demand during Ramadan.
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Although the Moroccan-Algerian border is closed by air and land, Algerian dates flooded the Moroccan market days before the month of Ramadan. According to what citizens examined, the markets in a number of Moroccan cities were full of Algerian dates of various types and shapes, especially the “Deglet Nour” variety. During the few days preceding the month of Ramadan, Moroccan markets witness a large presence of Algerian dates, especially in the cities adjacent to the border with Algeria, which are smuggled into Moroccan markets despite their danger to health due to the carcinogenic substances they contain. Sources revealed that the product imported from neighboring countries that invades national markets, especially the Algerian product, is smuggled through Mali and Mauritania, via the Guerguerat crossing, and often ...
Source: Rue20
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