South Korea's all-round support in aquaculture for global market competitiveness

Frozen Seaweed
Published Feb 5, 2024

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Korea's Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries has unveiled a comprehensive development plan to boost the production, distribution, and export of four key aquaculture species: seaweed, oysters, abalone, and flounder. The strategy includes initiatives to establish Korea's seaweed product specifications as international standards, increase the export of individual oysters, expand the consumer market for abalone, and develop new markets for flounder. The Ministry will present the plan to businesses and organizations in Q1 of this year.
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All-round support will be provided to ensure that Korea's four major aquaculture species, including seaweed, oysters, abalone, and flounder, are competitive in the global market. On the 25th of last month, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries established and announced the ‘Full cycle development plan for core farmed marine products’ to support the entire cycle of domestically representative farmed marine products from production to distribution and export. The ‘Full-cycle development plan for core farmed fish products’ announced this time includes a plan to provide all-round support by preparing specific development plans for each item to quickly respond to changes in domestic and international environments and be competitive in the global market. Seaweed, which achieved exports of $700 million last year, will strengthen diplomatic efforts to have Korea's seaweed product specifications recognized as international standards. This is to alleviate unreasonable non-tariff ...
Source: Fisheco
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