USA: Almond growers buck the trend, good news for food and beverage manufacturers

Published May 17, 2024

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The article highlights the favorable conditions for almond supply and pricing in Europe, driven by surplus stock from California and ideal growing conditions. Despite ingredient shortages and rising commodity prices, almonds remain abundant and affordable. However, almond farming poses environmental challenges, such as high water usage, pesticide impact on bees, and carbon emissions from transportation. Efforts to mitigate these issues include improved water management and state support. While almond farming has environmental downsides, it is more sustainable than meat, fish, and dairy production, with all parts of the almond tree being utilized.
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Ingredient news across the food and beverage industry has been cause for concern in recent months, with shortages​ and rising commodity prices​ dominating the news agenda. But almonds are offering manufacturers and consumers a ray of hope, with consistently low prices and a strong supply. And it’s not just food and beverage manufacturers who will be pleased with this news, it will also be welcomed by consumers across Europe who consider almonds to be one of their favourite nuts. In fact, according to figures from the Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI), almonds are the leading imported tree nut in the European market. Furthermore, figures from market intelligence firm Mordor Intelligence show that almond milk is the most popular choice for non-dairy milk alternatives in Europe. There are a couple of reasons as to why almonds are currently maintaining a strong supply to food and beverage manufacturers, and consumers. The first of these being that the supply of almonds from ...
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