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US: Almond milk production is killing bees

Updated Mar 17, 2022
THE SUN OF MEXICO. Today the industry is valued at $11 billion, but what's most impressive is the rate at which it has grown. Are you a regular consumer of almond milk? This product, which comes from the almond tree, has become famous in trendy cafes, in the diets of vegetarians, or people who cannot consume products with lactose.
Despite how pleasant it may taste, you should know that the cost to produce it is very high, and it mainly impacts beekeepers and the bees they work with. It is estimated that between 50 billion bees have died in the winter of 2018 and 2019 alone. Almond production is based mainly in the Central Valley of California, this industry is currently valued at 11 billion dollars, but what is most impressive is the rate at which it has grown. To get an idea, only in the year 2000, the almond trees occupied 500 thousand hectares in the valley. By 2018, the increase was significantly exponential as the area they covered had minimally doubled. Today, the almond fields cover about 6,500 square meters. Unfortunately, industrialization and the high demand for almond milk has forced a job as delicate as that done by bees to become something mechanical. In addition, it causes bees to compete with other species of bees for food, as a consequence, bees threaten endangered species that already ...
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