Analysts have lowered their estimates for the grain harvest in the EU and UK

Published Mar 23, 2024

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The European Union and Great Britain are expected to see a decrease in their gross grain harvest this year, with an estimated total of 295.5 million tons, according to the European trade association COCERAL. This is largely due to a reduction in the area sown with winter wheat following record autumn rains, resulting in a predicted wheat harvest of 134.1 million tons. However, forecasts for corn and barley harvests have been increased due to favorable weather conditions in some regions. Conversely, rapeseed production prospects have been lowered to 20.2 million tons due to unfavorable weather.
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The gross grain harvest in the European Union and Great Britain this year could reach 295.5 million tons. OleoScope reports this with reference to data from the European trade association COCERAL. This is one million tons less than the December estimate and 4.1 million less than last year’s figure. The wheat harvest (excluding durum) is expected to be 134.1 million tons, down 5.3 and 5.9 million tons respectively. Hard varieties can be harvested at 20.2 million. This, in turn, is higher than the average, according to public data. At the same time, forecasts for the corn and barley harvest were, on the contrary, increased – to 61.2 (58.6 and 55.7) and 64.3 (63.7 and 62.5) million tons. The Grain Union assessed the grain harvest in Russia in 2024 A decrease in wheat production was noted in the kingdom itself, as well as in Germany, Poland and the Baltic countries. Analysts explained it by a reduction in the area sown with winter wheat due to a record amount of autumn rains. At the ...
Source: Rosng
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