An interesting Italian research project uses Louisiana shrimp as a biological indicator

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Frozen Common Shrimp & Prawn
Published Aug 29, 2023

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The European Life Claw project, which includes the Consorzio di bonifica di Piacenza and the University of Parma, aims to develop protocols for monitoring pollution levels and pesticide residues in red prawns. The project also works towards conserving and improving the population of native crayfish in the North-Western Apennine area of Italy. The project is co-financed by the European Union and involves collaboration with various organizations, including reclamation consortia and national parks.
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That which is about to end will be remembered as the August of "alien" crustaceans: but if the future of the voracious blue crab seems destined for biodigesters and marginally for food consumption, a more useful prospect opens up for the Louisiana red prawns (Procambarus clarkii), thanks to the study collaboration between the partners of the European Life Claw project (including the Consorzio di bonifica di Piacenza) and the researchers of the University of Parma (section of pharmacology and toxicology of the department of veterinary medical sciences and department of chemicals, life and environmental sustainability). "By the Parmesan University - announced Francesco Vincenzi, President of ANBI (National Association of Consortia for the Management and Protection of the Territory and Irrigated Waters) - the interesting research project aims to develop protocols for monitoring the levels of 'pollution from nano and micro plastics, as well as environmental residues of the pesticide ...
Source: Agricolae
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