Poland: Another invasion of mushroom pickers from Romania; cars were filled with empty crates and camping equipment

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Published Oct 6, 2023

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Foreign mushroom pickers from Romania have been causing problems in Polish forests by collecting mushrooms, often for sale in Western European countries, and disrupting traditional harvests. Authorities in Krosno recently conducted a crackdown on the activities of these pickers, verifying their legality of stay, mushroom collecting methods, and compliance with regulations. While it is unknown if any irregularities were found during this operation, fines have previously been imposed on Romanian citizens for violating forest entry bans.
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For several years, the topic of Romanian mushroom picking enthusiasts has been coming back with their subsequent mass invasions of Polish forests in southern Poland. Camping in these areas, they collect mushrooms, most often for sale in Western European countries. Our nature and local inhabitants suffer because not only can they not count on traditional harvests, but also - according to media reports - there have been cases of aggressive behavior towards them on the part of newcomers. Due to, among other things, such signals, the services took a closer look at such visits to Poland. They were about to head into the forest And so, on Thursday, October 5, early in the morning, Krosno police officers supported by border guards and Forest Guard officers carried out activities aimed at verifying the legality of the stay of these foreigners in Poland. They also checked the way foreign mushroom pickers obtained mushrooms and complied with the regulations. "The officers checked the IDs of ...
Source: AgroPolska
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