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Argentine fish exports continue to fall

Updated Nov 29, 2022
A report prepared by Fabian Pettigrew for CAPECA shows a 9.5% decline in both exports and foreign exchange earnings. Over the past ten months, the value of exports is estimated at 1,568 million dollars, the volume is 408,233 tons of fish products. On the other hand, comparative data for October 2021 and 2022, according to data recently published by INDEC, shows a 30% drop in exports of fishery products; shipments of raw fish and shellfish decreased by 36.8%, and in ten months for these primary products, the fall was 11.8%. Shrimp exporters have been the most impacted, as the drop in demand has been accompanied by a permanent price drop that has not yet ended.
Hake Hake fillet had practically no fluctuations in export volumes, 50 thousand tons were exported, and the cost was 16% higher than last year, so foreign exchange earnings from this product increased at the same level. The average price was fixed at $3,268 per ton. Brazil, the main market, purchased 6.5% less in 2022 but paid 23% more, and for Spain, the second most important market, demand remained stable and the price rose by 10.6%, while in the United States, sales fell 13%, but this was offset by a 14% increase in the cost of supplies. Demand for hake, whole or H&G, fell 19% and export revenue fell 18%, with the average price rising just 0.8% to $1,539 a tonne. The total sales amounted to 27,444 tons. Russia reduced hake purchases by 30%, which had a strong impact on the overall figure. Ukraine has reduced purchases by 52% compared to last year. Of the five main markets, only two experienced an increase in demand: Israel and South Africa, where the price was the lowest at ...
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